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Small Adult Groups of maximum of 10 students

Qualified Teachers and Communicative Approach, are the bases of our courses.

Our classes have a maximum of 10 students. Reduced class sizes allow teachers to create lessons which are completely focused on the student’s progress and develop an environment which, through teacher support, gives self-confidence to the student. Thus, we ensure high quality teaching and personal attention to each student in the learning group.

All our teachers are native speakers with a recognized qualification for teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. Besides they have experience, passion, enthusiasm and commitment for the Spanish Language.

Our experienced teachers continuously interact with students in order to make them feel confident and help them to reach the fluency needed in real life situations. Lessons are focused on the language as a medium of communication; emphasis is given to meaning rather than form language acquisition. Communicative approach is much more student-orientated, because it is dictated by student’s needs and interests.

Distinctive Programs

  • Friendly, cultural learning environment
  • Adults: 4 levels
  • Children/Youth: 2 levels
  • Fall, Winter and Spring courses
  • Coffee Club
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